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Sinine Valgus

LAS VEGAS Blue Light Glasses - Gold

LAS VEGAS Blue Light Glasses - Gold

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The LAS VEGAS blue light glasses are airy and light, effortlessly protecting your eyes from daily screen time. These glasses are engineered to shield your eyes from blue and UV light rays. While wearing our glasses, you can comfortably spend time in front of various screens (computer, phone, iPad, TV, etc.). The blue light glasses are designed for use at work, in the office, at school, at home in front of the TV, or in bed before sleep. Our glasses protect your eyes from issues caused by artificial light, contributing to better sleep and improved concentration. The glasses come with zero-power lenses.

  • Each pair of glasses comes with a fabric pouch
  • The glasses come with 0-lenses that provide UV-400 protection
  • Designed in Europe

Sinine Valgus (Blue Light) is a European brand with a mission to protect people’s eyes in the modern digital world. Nowadays, people spend 5-8 hours a day in front of various screens, exposing their eyes to an unnatural amount of blue light, which can gradually harm their health. In addition to protecting the eyes, the brand also emphasizes good looks.

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